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Serving Communities in

 Iowa  &  Michigan

Our Organization

An Idea and Mission Is Born

Personal and community experiences led to advocacy.

Hope for Life Organization was born February, 2016

Expanding Our Reach

Art Creates Hope Events was created for our performing arts concerts, drama, art and music therapies and our fundraisers.

 Mission is to increase community 

mental health awareness through the arts

Hope Advisory Team

Diana Kendros Makeig, Executive Director

Larry A. Camp, Financial Advisor

Jan Sickler, Executive Advisory Board  Member 

Hope Committee, Interns & Volunteers

A special thank you to the following individuals who dedicate their time,

skills, energy, ideas, support and creativity to Hope for Life:

Heidi Winn Bousquet, Volunteer

Marla Brader, Volunteer

Glenn Chumley, Videographer

Molly Cutter, Volunteer

Kartika Damen, Iowa Coordinator

Jody Draznin, Volunteer

Janet Evertsen, Volunteer

Chris Horras, Volunteer

Paul Schaefer, Organization Advisor

Jan Sickler, Advisory Board Member

Nancy Teubel, Committee Peer Support

Isabella Unger, Intern

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